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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A new method to measure the impact of AIDS on the brain of living

For the first time shows the selective pattern of destruction caused by AIDS in areas of the brain that control motor and sensory functions of language. High-resolution 3 - D color scans images that were created from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) clearly show the damage.
 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and research provides a new way to measure the impact of AIDS on the brain of living, and reveals that the brain is still vulnerable to infection in patients receiving antiretroviral therapy highly active (HAART). 
"Two big surprises emerged from this study," explained Paul Thompson, Ph.D., first author and assistant professor of neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California. "First, that AIDS is selective in how the attacks in the brain and, secondly, drug therapy does not seem to slow the damage. The brain provides a sanctuary for HIV where most drugs can not be followed." 
Thompson used a new Lab 3 - D brain mapping technique developed at the University of California for the analysis of MR images of 26 people with AIDS, and then compared to scans of those people who carry it 14. Brain scans measure the thickness of gray matter in different regions of the cerebral cortex.
University of Pittsburgh diagnosis and examination of AIDS patients; all the articles 26 have lost at least half the number of T cells have, and the immune cells targeted by HIV. Not one of the experienced AIDS-related dementia, and 13 were on HAART.
The striking differences between the AIDS patients' brain scans and the control is easy to see in the image 3 - D in detail. Areas of tissue loss glowed red and yellow, while intact regions shone blue and green.
Researchers were surprised to discover that AIDS consistently in the brain motor, and language centers of government, but left other areas alone. Specific patterns of tissue damage is directly linked with the symptoms of "physical and mental patients, including the coordination and impaired motor reflexes slowed.
"The brain scan really understand AIDS red-handed, allowing us to see precisely where the damage," noted Thompson. "For the first time, we can understand why motor skills deteriorate with AIDS, because the virus attacks the car at the highest centers of the brain."
"We have seen up to the loss of tissue 15 percent in the centers of the brain that regulate motor skills, such as movement and coordination," added Thompson. "This helps explain the slowed reflexes and disruption of balance and gait that often affect people with AIDS in the early."

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Treatment for AIDS patients to make the longest-old

. Are there any herbal medicines or dietary supplements useful in reducing HIV or help to give AIDS patients live longer?
 Yes, there are treatment and the sense of the best herbs that can extend life thanks to God, AIDS patients, such as a longer period.
 - Herb St. John.
 Known as the St. John.s wort is a plant Muammar tree contains a Alheipersen Pseudoh ypericin Hypericin and two of anti-virus and two of the substances active against HIV, and on experimental animals. I have been using a mixture of material Alheipersen and many other extracts as a treatment for HIV infection to Sitomija Overos and is one of the many opportunistic infections that can kill AIDS patients. It was found that the substance Pseadoh ypericin reduce the spread of HIV in test tubes and animals, while the few studies on patients with AIDS had expected some benefit from the material Alheipersen.
 - Patience.
We talked about patience and plant compounds and its impacts, but the most important of these compounds Osimanan Acemannan that stimulate the immune system strong and may be useful in the treatment of AIDS. It has been observed in studies carried out in test tubes that the substance Alsimanan effective against HIV and may reduce the need for AIDS drugs known as drug AZT and reduce the side effects of the powerful of this drug and the doses must be addressed from a composite Alasimanan 250 mg 4 times a day, and doses up to 1000 mg per kilo gram of body weight per day did not cause toxic effects on dogs and mice. According to a report of the American Foundation for AIDS Research says: "The guiding attempts did not reflect any toxic effects on man!!
 - Garlic.
 We've talked a lot about garlic, but medical studies revealed that garlic has a significant impact on many of the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS such as herpes and pneumonia, the researchers also found that a compound found in garlic Aghion prevent or reduce the spread of HIV in the body. It is said that eating between 3-6 cloves of fresh garlic a day helps to prevent opportunistic infections.
 - Echinacea .
 There are several types of this kind of sex and purple is the best, which contains the acid caffeine and acid Alhikorik Alakenesen and substance of these compounds all have anti-viral properties similar to interferon, a compound which will by your body to fight viruses, which was previously talked about above. Some evidence suggests a strong possibility for the use of acid Alhikorik as a treatment for AIDS, experts advise not to eat the plant Coneflower a day where they say that the immune system get used to the grass and thus less ability of grass to alert the immune system is better to take the herb Alrdbekih once daily for one week only and then stop taking them several days and then re-use and so on.
 - Onion.
 Onion is one of the best sources for composite Alchoristin antioxidants and the substance or compound is concentrated in the crust of onions, like onion and garlic in the anti-viral properties. Can be used daily cooked onions and Bakcherth removed before eating as it is rich in Alchoristin.
 - Pear.
 Is the fruit of the pear fruit is high in caffeine and Alchorugenk, acid caffeine stimulates the immune system greatly. The researchers also found that the activity of acid Alkruzhnik has anti-HIV and pears must be addressed daily.
- Iceland MOSS .
 Aazland lichen, known scientifically as Cetrara islandica has been at the University of Illinois scientists found that the compounds extracted from a lichen Aazland inhibit enzymes necessary for the reproduction of HIV. As the AIDS drugs known and that we talked about previously (AZT) and others approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) perform the same work, but turned out to be toxic or inhibit the activity of the virus completely. But the components of the lichen Ireland on the other hand found to be non-toxic in laboratory studies for the cells, and it must be doing it too much AIDS patients in their daily diet with either the power or authority Chorb.
- Evening Pnimrose .
 Plant Alokhaddria grass bilateral strabismus found that the seed oil is very rich in acid gamma-linolenic where the research in Tanzania, studies on the acid and found that life expectancy for people who were Mujben HIV was more than doubled when adding acid gamma-linolenic oils useful, known as fatty acids, omega - 3 to eat and it can grind seeds Alokhaddria and added to food for people living with AIDS.
- Hyssop.
 User part of the hyssop plant, and flowering heads contain volatile oil of flowering heads and oil on the turbine including the turbine and bilateral Almaroben and resin Almaroben. It was found that Almaroben, called the 10 - MAR through experiments in vivo it inhibits that of causing harm to healthy cells, the researchers had expected those who had reached the discovery that the hyssop plant may be useful in the treatment of AIDS. And AIDS patients can use the hyssop plant in the form of boiled by taking a full teaspoon of the herb hyssop eat and add it to fill the cup boiling water and left to soak for 10 minutes then drain and drink three times a day with food.
 - Astragalus.
 There are of several types of this race and this Asian plant is in a position to plant the American Coneflower. I have tested on ten of the patients injuries serious viral lower the level of natural killer cells in their bodies, a type of specialized white blood cells that attack the plant extract Astragalus injection for 4 months compared with patients who did not take Astragalus extract, the level of natural killer cells has increased significantly , also increased the rest of the components of the immune system and improved symptoms.
 -Black-eyd Susan .
 There are several types of this species. Some research has reported that the extract of the roots of a flower Susan is one of the powerful stimulants that stimulate the immune system more than the American Purple Coneflower extract and AIDS patients can use five teaspoons of powdered root of the plant per cup of boiling water at a rate three times in the form of boiled daily
- Burdock.
 For bilateral strabismus Erkotaion plant with a leg up to 1.5 meters high and has a paper Mekovh At the end of branches and red flowers, also known scientifically as Albulsca and Arctium Lappa Burdock is more de-herbs toxins important in western herbal medicine and Chinese alike. Part of the plant used all its parts including the roots contain plant Gelokozydat time «Erqitobkerin» and flavonoids acid and tannins, volatile oil and polyhedra acetylene. The burdock, whether in the form of juice or extract has activity against HIV in test tubes and can an AIDS patient use with food.
 - Eldenberry.
 The balm tree reaches a height of ten meters with oval leaves and flowers, nuts beard color and fruits in the form of Nbat blue to black part of the plant used all aerial parts only. Plant known scientifically as Sambucsrigra and contains flavonoids, the most important routine and complex phenolic acids and Trbinat triple and Sitrolat, volatile oil and fluid materials and acids, tannins, vitamin A, C and Anthusianinat. To the plant's reputation older against viruses, has been studied to test the activity against the AIDS virus and found that his activity, but studies have not yet finished and can be for patients with AIDS, the use of this plant either fresh with the authority or in the form of jam or jelly, where these forms.
 - A leguminous plants.
The noticed the roots of leguminous plants, we find that the contract is essentially a small bacteria coexisting with plants provide him with some materials that you need. The so-called Iron blood. Studies have shown that this substance increases the activity of medications such as AZT against HIV virus and AIDS patients can eat of this contract, but if it finds that the patient is suffering from an increase in the iron to the patient should not use this contract pulses.
 - Radish Black + dandelion + artichoke.
 These plants collectively contain substances that protect the liver and helps to repair tissues in addition to the purification of blood and as the liver is concerned rid of toxins and must be working properly, so the use of a combination of these materials that are found in the product is ready can be obtained from food stores supplements the the organization and functions of the liver which is needed by AIDS patients.
 - cats claw.
 The cat's paw tree-like perennial climbing vine which reaches a height of sometimes 100 feet to his cards, simple oval with a large range in length from 7 to 18 cm and width is between 4 to 13 cm. Part of the plant roots only known cat claw scientifically as urcaria tomentaosa contain roots on the alkaloids and Trbinat triple and organic acids and Gelokozydat Sitrolat works root of cat's paw to activate the immune system has been shown that benefit patients with AIDS, cancers, AIDS-related, such as cancer, Kaposi There is a combination of this plant under the name cats claw Defence complex is produced by Source Nataras this product is a mixture of cat's claw as a key with the other herbs of antioxidants such as beta-carotene, although acetyl Sstin, vitamin c and zinc metal.
 - Siberian Ginseng.
 Strong perennial plant height of up to 3 meters on each leg carries 3-7 toothed leaflets. Part of the plant roots, known scientifically as Ginseng Sbara Eleuthenccoccus Senticosus contain roots and Alutirosedat Brobaindhat vinyl and Egnanat and Kumarinat and sugars and saccharide polyhedra and three Saboninat Altrien and Glicanat. The Ginseng Siberian of tonics good on the body, especially the adrenal glands, which helps to possible infection, cold, heat and anguish other physical and radiation and to improve the flexibility and mental fatigue and the most important of all, it alerts the immune system and helps to cure the ills of pulmonary and increases energy. You should not use this plant for those who suffer from a decrease in glucose or blood pressure rise in the heart or heart ailments.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AIDS and heart

AIDS and heart
  . Research indicates the scientific and medical observations that the rate of being affected by AIDS patients ranging from 25-50% of patients show clinical signs of infection on the heart function when 10-25% of patients based on the degree of risk of AIDS.
Among the signs of being affected by AIDS
 inflammation of heart muscle at 40-52%.
inflammation of the membrane envelope of the heart (pericarditis) at 18-40% with the possibility of gathering the membrane cavity fluids can lead to serious pressure on the heart and prevent it from functioning and may lead to a sharp decline in arterial blood pressure.
  a serious decline in congestive heart muscle function especially the left ventricle because of expansion and weaknesses when 10-42% of patients may be patients in critical condition with all the appearance of symptoms and clinical signs generally accepted in the degradation function of the heart to pump blood
has the disease affects the lining of the heart with inflammation of the heart valves at 7% of AIDS patients is addicted to the drug addicts, the valves have hit up to 67% of AIDS patients.
  heart involvement of different types of cancers, most notably Kaposi Srkuma lymphoma and other attacks.
  and as is obvious to everyone, the use of toxic treatments for the deadly AIDS virus and the treatments used against various infections may have serious repercussions on the heart and blood vessels
How to treat heart disease
Are dealing with heart disease for people living with AIDS, such as other patients with heart disease but it is often faster deterioration of heart disease despite intensive treatments and rarely show signs of improvement with treatment.
Let me in conclusion remind the reader Aziz said that the chastity and integrity of the foundation of the teachings of divine religions to enjoy the health and well-being away from infectious diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis and I recommend everyone careful not to transfer blood or its products from outside the country or in countries that does not apply a blood test a critical examination or use the blood that did not know the source

The causes of AIDS

The causes of AIDS
First, the AIDS scourge facing all societies, whether Western or Eastern collapse because of this disease is so prevalent in our time this way very fast and we must all cope with this deadly disease to the grave that the pure ourselves of this dreaded disease.
The reasons for the spread of this disease in our society.
This disease is transmitted by sexual intercourse between men and women in the case of cohabitation, including in bed, but does not move between a man and his wife and the ruled of God.
 How is it transmitted AIDS.
This disease is transmitted among women prostitutes because they have sex with more than a man does not throw this case the lowest responsibility quotes disease among men as well because the disease is not transmitted only by through sexual intercourse is transferred also through the mouth, such as kissing and through the blood in the blood of the suits, diseased which require a blood transfusion Valhma when you donate blood to any patient based Medicines for the analysis of this blood to see it free from diseases, especially of AIDS

How do I know I am infected with AIDS.
Rash appears on the body Geldy brown eye color and also will see changes such as yellow and feel the rotation of the injured in the head and permanently idle in his body because he now has become infected with this dreaded disease
As is shown in pictures.
God protect us and the evil of this disease